Sunday, April 13, 2008

Create your own world

Every startup dreams of being the next google, the next microsoft, or kill google, kill microsoft. Well, I have two words for you: be yourself. That's why you start a statup; to solve a personal problem, not google's problems, nor microsoft's. Stop following what google or microsoft are doing. In fact, if you want to be the next goog, or msft, you will get your wish. You will be goog#2, or msft#2. In this competitive world, #2 is an ugly place to be. It's either you're first or last; there's no #2; #2 means last. You're either be google(first), or yahoo(last); facebook(first), or myspace(last). Don't get me wrong, yahoo and myspace are valuable; according to, they are #1 and #2 most visited sites in the world. But who cares; yahoo is a confuse conpany; today they decide to be a media company; next month they want to be a search engine company; a few days later, they're angry, and want to fire 10% of their workforce. For myspace, what can I say? Last time I went there, I thought it was a daycare center; a whole bunch of 4 year old.

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